Martins’ pictures

Ethiopia, Afar man and his cammels

Ethiopia: This picture was taken by my mother while sitting on the back of the bike I was driving. The Afar Tribesman tried to hit her with his stick and nearly managed.

Chittagong, Bangladesh 2001

Bangladesh: 2001, in the traffic of Chittagong

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2000

Bangladesh: 2001, Children “washing” in Dhakadhaka, bangladesh

Bangladesh: from the Harbor of Dhaka, leaving for a trip on the Buriganga


India:Varanasi 2002, dog eating a dead women’ body

Human horse of Calcutta

Calcutta: ” the rich man and the human horse”.
it seems this is the only place left where rickshaw pullers are still running on their feet.

Bombay bodyguards

Bombay, March 2006: “My fellow security officers and I”, starring in a Bollywood movie.

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